Collection of Information on the construction of the B17Ls

I put a great deal of effort into collecting information and photos of B17Ls. I soon found out that there were many changes in the construction of the Staggerwing as the B model evolved into the C model.

There are five B17Ls in California.

Serial number 58 is the only airworthy one in California. The other three project are currently not being worked on.

I have examined and taken detail photos of all the B17Ls in California. It seem that when I start studying the photos, I always need a few more at different angles etc.

Other B17Ls still in existence are:

Other B model (other than B17Ls) that I am aware of are:

While I was at the Beech Party in 2015, I did a detailed study of serial number 21. The Museum allowed me to take inspection covers off to examine the interior workings. This aircraft is an important source of information for my project, as it was the last Staggerwing to have a number of feature that my aircraft had. It was the last Staggerwing to have a fabric tail cone and fabric forward of the door. Staggerwings after serial number 21 had a single piece aluminum tail cone and sheet metal panels forward of the door. The fabric tail cone is formed by the wood fuselage stringers coming to a point. There is a curved triangular sheet metal cover on the top of the tail cone. When my aircraft was restored in 1950, the fabric tail cone was removed, and a modern aluminum tail cone was installed.

Serial number 32 is also a good source of information, as it has never been restored. What you see is the way it was when it left the factory.

The Staggerwing club had about 60 drawings of B models. I recently found out that the NASM have a number of rolls of microfilm. It is my understanding that these were scanned from CAA files. I borrowed the first roll from Stan York and had it scanned to digital images. There were a total of 639 images scanned from microfilm. There were 174 B and C model drawings plus a large number of miscellaneous documents.