Maule Factory Visit, 1990

During this trip to the Maule factory, my father and I were lucky enough to get a demo ride in the 420 hp turbine Maule amphibian float plane, N5671K. Our pilot, Steve West, was a factory test pilot. We took off on the ramp in front of the hanger, and made a landing and takeoff on Lake Maule. The water takeoff was very impressive because with that much power there is no need get up on the step. It just climbs out of the water in a nose high attitude. The pilot said it was safer not to get on the step. I was able to fly it also; it seems to be marginally stable in yaw. As the pilot pointed out, even if the nose was pointed a few degrees left or right, the aircraft would continue to fly slightly yawed.

McCauley prop instead of the usual Hartzell. Note the smaller spinner does not match the cowl very well.
Lake Maule

This is the one and only MXT-7-420 powered by a 420 hp Allison-RR 250-B17C. According to the FAA TCDS, it as disassembled and removed from the Type Certificate, Jan 2003.