In Flight Photos and Magazine Article by M. B. Groves

In 1974 I flew my Mite to Oshkosh to see other Mites. I had purchased the only one I had seen. As it turned out, my Mite was the only one there! I left a few days before the end of of the fly-in. Monty Groves was about to write a article for American Aircraft Modeler about the Mooney Mite. He arrived at the Mite display area too late and got a nice photo of the Mooney Mite sign with no Mites present.

Monty got in contact with me after he returned from Oshkosh and we arranged a photo shoot, resulting in the following photos and article.

Unbenounced to me, Monty had donated his negatives to the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. A few years later when I was visiting this museum, I was really surprised to find photos of my Mite in their collection.

Several years later 1999, I was again surprised to find two pictures of my Mite in Larry Ball's book Those Remarkable Mooneys . The particular photos are on page 50 and 51 showing my Beech-Roby (Flottorp) controllable-pitch propeller and the instrument panel. Larry Ball had obtained the photos from the Smithsonian.

In 2006 one of Monty's photos showed up in The March issue of the Air & Space Smithsonian magazine, p 55, in an article about the World's Smallest Airplanes.