Dothan Aviation's B-25s

N3525G B-25J-20 44-86694 Did weight and balance, Miami. 337 dated June, 21 1962. Dothan Aviation was last owner. Revoker by FAA May 1973.
N9077Z B-25J-5 or TB-25N ? 43-27868 Converted to sprayer and duster, removed radios, June, 19 1962. N number changed to N25YR July, 1991, American Airpower Heritage Museum, Midland, TX. Now operated as Yellow Rose, San Antonio, TX based at Hondo, TX
N9090Z B-25J-20 44-86734 N number changed to N600DM Aug 1984, to N333RW Dec 1985. At Lone Star Museum Collection at Galveston,TX as USN PB-1J Special Devlivery. Center section is reported to be from N7669C.
N9443Z B-25J-15 44-28765 Converted to sprayer and duster, 337 dated Oct,27 1961. Center section used to rebuild N898BW (45-8898). Cockpit section used as studio prop for filming of "Fovever Young".
N9552Z B-25J-10 43-35972 American Airpower Heritage Museum, Midland, TX Under restoration at Falcon Field.
N9462Z B-25J-20 44-30535 Liberal Air Museum, Liberal, KS, Last flown in 1988, Current location?
N9463Z B-25J-20 44-31004 U.S.S. Alabama Memorial Park, Mobile, AL, Miss Alice II.